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In order to get the optimum performance and reliable safety, consumers shall read and take the following instruction and precautions when using and handling the Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) batteries.

1. Charging

1.1 Charging current should not be more than the maximum charge current specified in the Products Specification (normally 0.5C-1.0C or lower). Charging with a higher current may damage the cell or even lead to safety problem, e.g. overheating or leakage.

1.2 Chargin voltage shall not be more than that specified in the Product Specification (4.2V/cell) 4.25Vis the maximum charging voltage for each cell. Never charge the battery in series and be sure that each single cell has a seperated charging circuit with a max charging voltage of 4.25V. Or the battery may be overcharged, and lead to fire or explosion. The user is fully responsible to the result of misusing the battery.

1.3 Charging temperature: The cell should be charged within the range of temperature specified in the Product Specification. Stop charging immediately when the surface temperature of the battery is over 50°C.

1.4 Reverse charging: Please make sure the polarities of cells are connected properly before charging. Reverse charging is strictly p/discharrohibited. Reverse charging cannot charge the cells but will deteriorate their charging/discharging and safety characteristics, or even lead to fire or explosion.

2. Discharging

2.1 Dischargin current: The cell shall be discharged at the current no more than the maximum discharging current specified in the Product Specification. Over current discharging may damage the batry and cause over-heating.

2.2 Operation temperature: Use the battery within the temperature range specified in the Product Specification. Stop using when temperature is over 70°C.

2.3 Over-discharging: Over-discharging will deteriorate the cell's performance and characteristics. Do not over-discharge a battery below 2.75V/cell.

3. Storage
If you intend to keep the battery for a long time (3 months or longer), it is strongly recommended that the battery shall be stored under the environment with temperature 10-25°C, low humidity and without corrosive gas. The battery should be charged every six months to ensure that each cell's storage voltage is 3.6-3.9V.

- The aluminum packing foil is very soft that it will be easily left with scratches. Please do no hit the cell with any sharge edged parts.
- Don't fall, hit or bend the battery. It may cause fire or explosion.
- Short circuit battery is strictly prohibited, it may damage the battery seriously.
- Never disassemble the battery. It may cause fire.
- Never dispose of the battery in fire. It is very dangerous and strictly prohibited.
- To immerge the battery into liquid such as water is strictly prohibited.
- Charging the battery in a car is forbidden.
- Avoid vibration, shock or extrude the battery. Handle carefully when moving it.
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